Thursday, February 24, 2011

Client Vs. Vendor

I am a client now. Yes, for the last two years that I have been with this company my Job Profile conveniently puts me in the clients position.  But my company is a vendor for its clients and that’s how my company makes money.

I have been in the Business Development profession prior to this, long enough to understand how it is to sell and not only sell but take rebuttal if the customer is not content. We are all customers and vendors at the same time in life. My clients may be the employees and the top management for whom I strive to deliver the best possible solution.

It’s despairing to see some people derive pleasure at oppressing vendors. They have pure disdain for them, for reasons best know to these ‘clients’. Yes, I as a client will appreciate timely and quality delivery. Yet, I would also appreciate genuine impediments. However, just delaying payments or refusing to acknowledge good work because someone is a ‘vendor’ is appalling. This only in-turn puts the vendors off such clients and they would never get a vendor who would work with them for the sheer pleasure.

May such a ‘client’s’ soul rest in peace.

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