Tuesday, September 21, 2010

India - CWG Tragedy!!!

Barcelona Olympics were held in Summer of 1992 and as a kid I always wondered when would such a spectacular event be held in my home country. When would India get the honour of hosting some International sports event where we could welcome foreign sports-persons, tourists and delegates. Show them our rich culture and heritage, our hospitality. As the years passed and I grew up the reality of India struck and any such thoughts were negated in the head itself.

Then came along a sweet surprise when I came to know the India is hosting the Common Wealth Games in 2010. Cool! Isn’t it. My country finally gets to host a major event. And then it happened… one by one news of corruption and incompetence started flowing in. A toilet paper roll for INR 4139??? You got to be nuts to sanction that, or you got to be neck deep in the corruption crap. And as all of us know that the later is true. Mr. Kalmadi (the great) had the nerve of saying that he doesn’t have to time to scrutinize such trivial matters and that he has people who do the scrutiny for him. Tell me Mr. Kalmadi, do you keep throwing your signatures around without looking at what you are signing? There was such a big hue and cry about the inappropriate expenditure for the inventory, despite which Mr Kalmadi and team were cleared by the Government. Hmmm. As citizens we couldn’t do much but look at the drama unfold from a distance.

Now we know that these hardcore thieves in bureaucratic positions earned money. By corruption and in appropriation of funds. Although in any other developed country these men would have been taken to the dogs; we left them to further complete the task in hand.

News of incomplete projects started trickling in. I mean, guys u earned your loot, at least complete the work in hand. But no. None of the residential buildings are complete yet. Those which are complete are not in livable condition at all. The stadium bridges, sports facilities are not done completely. The emergency services are not in order. The security is in a pitiful condition as well. Citizens living in the city where the games will be held have not been given cultural sensitivity training or taught civic sense. These activities that fall under various governmental organisations failed to perform as well. 

There are so many problems in the complete organization of the games, the way they have been handled and the way things look today. I wonder if India as a country was ready to take on the responsibility of hosting an event of this stature. I personally believe had the games been outsourced to some corporate group for execution, we would have done much better.

Politicians and bureaucrats never leave an opportunity to earn money in India. I wonder if greed is really so big that it makes you forget your core role and responsibility as a leader. Do Indians take things so very lightly. Can these men who are associated with so much corruption and inadequacy sleep at night.

The whole CWG controversy has left a very bad name for our country on the global platform. Is our country so inept at organizing a sports event? We are aiming at competing with the world powers and becoming an Economic force to reckon with, but are our leaders doing justice to all hard work put in by us on individual levels as citizens. I am not happy the way my tax money is being stolen from right under my nose. The CWG is a classic example of it. I work long hours a day of hard labour to earn this money, and I give the government their piece from my cake. Forget basic amenities like roads, water and emergency services, these politicians screw my country’s name at a global platform as well. As an Indian I don’t know what to do. Should I too flee the country like most of my friends have done and settle abroad for a better quality of life and peace of mind. Or stay put and fight it through… But how?

The only Common Wealth I see in this whole episode is that earned by Mr. Kalmadi, Delhi Government, Worthless politicians, Vendors and their associates...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Indian Education Revolution...

Some colleagues at work were discussing the new marks system in Indian schools. They were discussing how bad it has become and how poorly their kids would react to it. After digging in some more I realized that the new education system states that the kids would be evaluated on a 30-70 percent ratio. Here 30% marks will come from the terminal written examinations/tests and the remaining 70% will be given to comprehension, oral recitation, behavior, reaction, participation, co-curricular activities and sports combined.

I personally felt that the Indian evaluation system in schools has finally come to terms with the changing environment and is engaging students in activities which would teach them about handling real life situations rather than making them book worms.
Having said that, coming back to this discussion that I was a mute participant in colleagues seemed to be very upset with this change in evaluation. Their main concern was. If they are not writing exams what are they learning at school… I was really surprised that these guys would be upset at such a positive change. I mean they were upset because now their children don’t have to mug up books and write them as it is… Oh! C’mon. Don’t you understand that Indian education is breaking the stereotype of letting only the children capable of photocopying books earn marks and giving the more intelligent yet not able to memorize and write students an opportunity to get more marks. Don’t these parents understand that just maybe their kids will be better equipped to face the world and tackle real life situations. They will not throw garbage on the road and will be more empathetic towards others. They may just be more eager to help and would be more law abiding rather than just knowing birth and death anniversaries of great heroes. I am not saying that learning all that is not important; however implication of this text book knowledge in day to day life barely matters.

I think children need to have more developed civic sense, need to have more developed independent thinking, need to develop problem solving ability. Memorizing theorems will not help, using them in life is what is more important. I personally think that it is more important for children to write essays, to solve problems, to read books other than course material, to make projects, to express than just mug up what is written in a text book or giving to them as tuition hand-outs.

I pity parents who think that only written tests are a good measure of the child’s intellectual capability. These colleagues of mine were discussing how ‘faltu’ the new structure is. That sports and co-curricular activities are unnecessarily included in the evaluation. And that these activities will no way help their children’s education.  Wow! What world are these guys living in? For them movies like ‘taarein zameen pe’ and ‘3 Idiots’ are made. Do they just watch them as movies and come home and get back on the old track.

Give your child space. What the Indian education system is now heading for is a revolution. It will only make your child smarter and not some robot who can memorize a few lessons. Children who like course books will still like it none the less. But this new system will give opportunities to those who will be future scientists, researchers, writers, entrepreneurs, artists, painters, singers, dancers, sports-persons and the world. Let them experience a whole new world of opportunities. Let your kids look beyond lessons and chapters… let them experience.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Religion? What’s that?

I was having a chat with one of my friends today and we somehow started talking of religion. I am a Hindu and he is a Syrian Orthodox (it is a sub-division within Christianity I believe). He was talking of following religion or whatever was taught to him by his parents/grandparents/forefathers/ancestors without questioning.  

I like to question and challenge religion. What IS religion? No, really. What do you mean by saying that you are Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Sikh etc etc. As per me, it only states what kind of rituals you follow. We have so many divisions within these divisions and somehow I have noticed that people are rather intolerant about other people who may belong to the same religion and caste but different region. So doesn’t that mean that religion alone does not define you? It is the sub division, the caste, the sub caste, the region, the language, and of course the economic strata.  So what I understand that when religion was created, it was essentially created to give structure to the human life and way of life. Right?

Now because the environmental, political, spiritual, financial requirement of every region was different, religion was created to balance out all of these factors. Now just straying here a bit, one thing is very important for a human to survive (and this I say with personal experience) - Faith. So, there you go another ingredient there and that what is most important – Faith was added to religion.

For getting people together and to tie them to one string of belief some rituals were added, which when followed through generations became traditions. And these became customs, and the rest is history as they say. People somehow believe that you need to follow all of these customs come what may else 1. Your ancestors will be annoyed and curse you 2. Your Gods will be offended and curse you 3. You will die a horrible death 4. You will go to hell 5. Blah blah blah All of this put together is what we call Religion.

Most of us just follow blindly without questioning the logic or origin or reason to the particular custom/ritual/tradition. We do not stop to think whether doing so and so is applicable in today’s world and times. In some religions questioning the customs or the institute is a ‘sin’. Bah! There you go. If religion is so pure and it has the truth of the world in it then why I as a follower or believer do not have a right to question it? Let me question religion and let religion prove that whatever it preaches is true and let me fall on my knees and beg forgiveness and become a follower again. But nah! That door is closed already. Do religions fear that if followers question it/them then it/they will be in a thick soup and wouldn’t know what to answer.

But again we come to the same question, what is religion? And who are these people who govern religion? Who gives them the right to accept or banish people into or from it?

I am not a non-believer, I know there is some supreme power. I like some customs, they give a person/family pleasure. But I question. I question all that that does not make sense to me. I apply logic. I may have these massive arguments with most people around me who follow these customs blindly. But I have a brain, I have education, I can apply logic, so why not question and challenge something that as per humans is a rather large part of their being. Why not question why how what is done.

I question and I am not afraid of questioning publicly. I may be called an atheist or anti God or ‘bad influence’. But I know as a human I have a right to question. To question the very core of what drives people today. To question the core of something that is responsible for war and destruction and death across the world. I will choose whether I believe or not. I will choose whether what has become of our religion today holds true or not… It is all so wrecked. I will follow what gives me pleasure and peace and binds me to my family and friends. Not what divides and fills me with hatred.

Our heaven and hell both are here. We have to experience it on earth while we breathe. I believe in good Karma and that I know what it is. I still don’t know what is Religion and who is God!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

pari hoon

Today, read about another rape and the victim is an American woman working and living in India. It’s a regular news now to hear about foreign women being raped in India. Women, no matter from where they belong should not be violated. No matter how they dress, how they talk, what culture they belong to, when women say no they mean no, and that line should not be crossed…

हाँ में परी हूँ 
दूर देश से आई एक परी हूँ 
थोड़ी सी अलग 
थोड़ी सी बेखबर 
थोड़ी अनजान 
थोड़ी आजाद 
ख्याल है मेरे खुले खुले 
रिश्ते यूँ ही बन भी जाते है 
सम्बन्ध भी जुड़ जाते है 
लेकिन है मेरी भी सीमाएं कई 
उलंघन करके  उनका 
अनादर ना करो मेरा 
बस कुच्छ क्षण के सहवास के लिए 
न तोड़ो यूँ मेरी पवित्रता 
मैं तोह सिर्फ एक परी हूँ 
दूर देश से आई हुई 
तुम्हारा देश है प्यारा प्यारा 
प्यारे रंगों से खिला खिला 
लेकिन क्यूँ होता है हर बार मेरे साथ 
क्या में थोड़ी अलग हूँ इसलिए 
या मेरे यह विचार!
लेकिन उनका उद्देश यह नहीं 
क्षति न करो मेरी चेतना की 
है मेरी भी कोई मरियादा 
मेरे स्वभाव का नहीं यह अभिप्राय 
की तुम भंग करो मेरा देह 
मैं तो सिर्फ एक परी हूँ 
दूर देश से आई हुई 
लौट जाने दो मुझे यूँ ही 
कुच्छ मीठी यादें लेकर 
मैं तोह सिर्फ एक परी हूँ 
दूर देश से आई हुई 

Haan main pari hoon
Door desh se aai ek pari hoon
Thodi si alag
Thodi si bekhabar
Thodi anjaan
Thodi ajaad
Khayal hai mere khule khule
Rishte yun hi ban bhi jaate hai
Sambandh Bhi jud jaate hai
Lekin hai meri bhi seemyein kai
Ulanghan karke unka
Anaadar naa karo mera
Bas kucch kshan ke sehwaas ke liye
Na todo yun meri pavitrata
Main toh sirf ek pari hoon
Door desh se aayi hui
Tumhara desh hai pyara pyara
Pyare rangon se khila khila
Lekin kyun hota hai har baar mere saath
Kya main thodi alag hoon isliye
Ya mere yeh vichaar!
Lekin unka uddesh yeh nahi
Kshati na karo meri chetna ki
Hai meri bhi koi mariyada
Mere swabhaav ka nahi yeh abhipraay
Ki tum bhang karo mera deh
Main toh sirf ek pari hoon
Door desh se aayi hui
Laut jaane do mujhe yun hi
Kucch mithi yaadein lekar
Main toh sirf ek pari hoon
Door desh se aayi hui

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why are we killing our girls?

Just yesterday I was talking to my super boss from Italy about Female infanticide when I had to explain to him what the phenomenon is and why it happens in India. I was infact discussing the same thing with my mom also a couple of days ago.

I want a girl, no really. I think they are cuter, you can dress them up, play with them and they care about their parents in a naturalistic maternal way eventually. However, I have come to realize that most Indians (even Chinese for that matter) do not concur with this idea.

So the question is why do Indians kill their daughters the moment they are born or right in the womb when they know they are going to have a girl? The answer is simple… Dowry.

What is dowry? Now, if you realize that till some years back a daughter did not have any legal right to their father’s property. Because this was prevalent even hundreds of years ago, parents gave their daughters’ ‘gifts’ in her marriage so that they can give her what they want as per their financial capability. It also meant that they keep giving their daughter ‘gifts’ on special occasions after her marriage because she had no claim/right in the property.

Now, the downside of this practice.  Certain families who had/have sons thought/think they have a ‘right’ to ask for ‘gifts’ from the girls parents, during and post marriage. Girls are tortured, burnt and killed for dowry. Girls’ parents are pressurized to pay up for marrying their daughters off to these sons. Over the years and for centuries now this pure practice of ‘gifting’ has taken a hideous turn and has turned into a bane called ‘Dowry’ for the girl and her parents alike.

Keeping this in mind, many people think that they did rather not have a daughter at all than facing issues of Dowry, ransom, torture etc in the future.

A couple of days ago when I was talking to mom (who is highly educated and has been a teacher) she said something like – I will have to give so and so to your mother-in-law for so and so occasion. Huh? Why? I mean if she wants to ‘gift’ me something or my husband something or my family members (in-laws) something it makes sense. But her stress on  the words that she ‘will have to’ really annoyed me. She said that ‘the relationship demands so…’ Huh again!! Why? I mean my mother-in-law hasn’t done a miracle because I am married to her son. Or no mother in this world has done a miracle by giving birth to a son. And there is no reason why a daughter’s in-laws need to be treated differently from a son’s in-laws.

 Why today someone like my mom also agrees that my in-laws need to be treated differently than my brother’s in-laws. The daughter’s in-laws demand higher respect? Why? Why should a girl be made to feel she is in some way inferior in a relationship? I mean, I just don’t get it.

I don’t believe that my in-laws can ‘demand’ anything materialistic from either me or my family, they also do not have a ‘right’ to any gifts my parents give me. My gifts are mine alone. This exchange or relationship is something that I will share with my parents for my lifetime. What I receive from them or give them is mine alone and no-one else’s to share or demand or ask.

But this is something that the standard ‘Indian’ mentality does not understand. And majority of Parents who have sons think they have a right to what a girl brings in the house. They treat their sons as some commodity that the girl’s parents ‘need’ to buy at the terms and conditions of the boys parents and keep feeding that commodity for life as some recurring cost at no expectation of any returns really.

India! Wake-up! The world has changed. Daughters earn equally (even better in some cases) than sons. There is nothing like Dowry in Vedic Hindu culture. It is a farce created by some greedy worthless pile of jerks who thought they are Gods because they have sons. Why are you still following it? All relationships should be equal no-one superior or inferior. Stop killing your daughters; they might just look after you better in your old age. The ratios are already dwindling. Half of the Indian men will soon die bachelors because there will be no women to marry them off to.

Wake up India

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fitness V/s Indian-ness…

I lost 10 kgs in 5 months last year. I was never overweight; I gained all this weight in the year 2008 due to various factors and then didn’t bother to keep a check. One day suddenly I realized that I aint fit anymore and need to get in shape.

I started with my work outs that were a combination of Yoga, Pranayam, kickboxing, dancing and gyming. Kickboxing and dancing being thrice a week alternatively in the evenings and gyming and yoga in the morning. I would hit the gym at 5:30am sharp to start my work-outs that last 90 minutes. I have always believed in eating healthy, so I went back to my pre-marriage eating habits. A combination of all of this led to my weight loss. I really would rather call is size reduction, cause I don’t really believe in weight loss. During the process I initially gained weight, which means I gained muscles. And then I lost weight.

Now, something that I have noticed while I was back on my old eating habits and working out, I noticed that all my ‘Indian’ friends and family would discourage me and pull me down. Why? Because somehow I have noticed that it is very ‘Indian’ to demean someone who is supposedly watching what they eat (which is called ‘dieting’) or working out. The common comment that I would get is ‘you will wear yourself out’, ‘why do u want to loose weight?’, ‘why are you dieting’, ‘you aren’t living healthy’, ‘look at you!!’ etc… I never asked any of these people for comments, yet they will pass judgment on my face nonetheless. With a very incredulously pitched voice indicating that I am acting stupid. Well, people, I eat 7-8 meals a day and can run for 30 minutes (non-stop) and climb mountains easily and kick you butt at any form of dance (quite literally). I am fit and not skinny or anorexic. Yes, I don’t eat rice or chapattis or bread and biscuits everyday.   I do when I feel like. But that’s how I have always been. I don’t drink alcohol or aerated drinks cause I don’t enjoy them. All this put together are healthy eating choices.

I fail to understand what Indians have against ‘Fitness’. Fitness includes work-outs and healthy eating habits. And in general 80% people I know either looked at me with surprise, pulled me down or made fun of my endeavor to be fit.

We as a country need to understand that we are the heart attack AND Diabetes capital of the world. Fitness doesn’t necessarily mean only vanity (that ofcourse is an added benefit); fitness means Health and as well all know - Health is Wealth.

Indians in general have bad eating habits – they eat oily food, eat the wrong thing at the wrong time, have too many ‘empty calories’, heaviest meal is usually dinner which is post 10pm. It will take me another blog post to list all that is wrong choices and all that can be corrected to be fit and healthy for Indians.

Having said this, I still fail to understand why ‘Indians’ think that the idea of Fitness is simply vanity and influence of ‘Western’ or ‘Bollywood’ culture. Please realize that we don’t work in the farms anymore, we work in urban set-ups and to combat this basic shift in lifestyle why do we still follow a diet that is ‘High Calorie’ and designed for people who have heavy physical work. Indians its time for all of us to wake up and take stock of our health. And if anyone you know is striving to be fit, don’t pull them down, encourage them, you never know this positive outlook may just rub into you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Caste Census or Caste Senseless!!

So, the government has decided to do a population census of India. Agreed. Now to make a complete social profiling of the country they have decided to add certain parameters to this survey. Caste being one of them.

Uh! Didn’t India just spend coupla decades/centuries just fighting this evil? And now that its breathing its last (though not so much in the rural areas), why would someone want to revive it. Ah! Vote banks I may think. What else? Or reservations? Or how to manipulate the existing laws for certain castes.

Ok, again I go back some 2000 years ago. Caste system may have made sense then. People of the same intellectual/social/financial/skill level herded together. The 4 major groups Kshatriyas (Royal families, warriors, essentially the wealthy lot with Kothees and Palaces), Brahmins (Poojarees, teachers, professors essentially the God fearing intellectual lot), Vaishyas (Farmers, traders essentially the business men), and Shudras (Plumber, shoemaker, painter essentially the service providers). Now, this classification in the society made life easier and also made sense. Within these major groups also existed sub-groups again depending on various other factors. One Kshatriya may be superior to other cause they are Royalty and other Brahmin would be superior to the next cause he worshipped in a bigger temple.

Within these castes the family tradition/skill/trade would be passed on to the next generation and they will carry out and pass on to their children so on and so forth. This all worked fine within a set number of people/community then. Children weren’t allowed to move out of the family tradition and pursue other activities by will. People were born into the profession/tradition that would define them.

Now back to year 2010… are we really sticking to it? To think of it if caste mattered I should be Royalty. But there is nothing Royal about my bank balance today. None of my family is Royal anymore. All working people, regular upper middle class working people. How would knowing anyone’s caste in today’s time help the census I wonder. Maybe helps in deciding any further division in the already existing reservations. Again a political strategy. What will that do to the common man? Nothing.

Here again I just touch upon one more point – Reservation. Relevant in today’s time? No. Was relevant 50 years ago? Yes. Because caste system was prevalent and opportunities to the so called ‘lower’ caste were least. Now that 2 generations (or more is it?) have taken advantage of it shouldn’t it be discontinued? Yes. But is someone listening? No. Cause that will affect the so-called vote banks. Reservations are in today’s time just preventing the eligible students/candidates from getting admissions/jobs. Let it be the survival of the fittest now enough opportunities have been given.

All in all the entire caste census seems pretty senseless considering the time and age. Rest lets wait and watch.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Naxals: What do they ‘really’ want?

Yesterday I was watching an interview of my favourite star on one of the news channels, when suddenly the presenter interrupted and said that some important news is coming in and we will have to suspend this show… The news was – another attack in Dantewada by Naxals… further by night news came in reporting the number of causalities and the innocent women and children who were killed in the attack. Sad!

Where is India heading? We have outsiders invading us and igniting fights and rifts between two religious communities. We have our very own politically strong ‘leaders’ selling communal peace for money. We already have so much wrong going in for us in our country…

As a layman what I know about Naxals – Men and women from under-developed areas of India – essentially tribal – fighting for a right to earn, to be educated, to be developed – basically their human rights. What they are fighting for – understood. How they are fight for it – beyond comprehension.

Do they understand that what they are doing is killing their own people – whom they claim to be fighting for. They aren’t any better than the militants that are infiltrating our borders and spreading violence in the country. These are their very own people. Don’t they get the point? Will killing the security forces or innocent civilians bring them justice? They say they are fighting for their human rights. Human? Rights? Do they know what these words mean? How many human’s rights have they violated? Do they have the right to have these rights also? Nope I don’t think so.

Somehow the purpose for which they are fighting seems to have been lost. I believe with peace and little patience these basic amenities can be worked out. And what I believe is you can’t just sit around and expect some one else to feed you. What have they done to develop themselves? Are they taking initiatives of educating themselves/their children? Are they going around hunting for jobs? India has come a long way since the 1960s when the first of the Naxal groups were formed. I am sure India has many more initiatives to educate and provide means of earning for these areas. But the Naxals just seemed to have spread and grown since then. What is the difference between them and the Daakus that we had back then? What is the difference between them and the terrorists that are terrorizing the country? They beg not be categorized with either of these. But I don’t see any difference. No, really.

Ever wondered who supplied them with Arms and Ammo? China might be having a laugh at India’s expense knowing how porous our country is. Knowing how easily not one but two neighbours can screw us left right and center. And I mean it literally.

I don’t know what I can do as a citizen to control this situation. But 10 years from now will the urban cities that we are living in be safe enough as well? Will I wonder when I leave home for work every day, whether I will return alive or not. Is it only the government’s responsibility or we as citizens can do something about it? I don’t know, but I am willing to contribute to peace in whatever manner I can.

Let peace prevail. Please stop this carnage.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do men really assume that working independent women are available?

Prologue: I am a working woman – that is my first identity. I am independent – financially, yes and pretty confident about it. I am married – I love my husband and my family.

What men assume: I am a working woman who is independent; I am ready easy and fast and available.

The truth: I am working because I think I have a talent other than housekeeping and I can use this to give back to the society in whatever way I can. I love working. I have brains. I love the financial independence and the fact that I can contribute equally in the house.

I am writing this because of the many experiences that I have had in the corporate world and the world beyond likewise. I have attended umpteen conferences, have interacted with several men, all in all I draw one conclusion, men will try their luck with you. There have been instances when the men know that I am married and very happily so, yet, they would ask you out for coffee/dinner/drinks out of the work context. We aren’t really friends are we? So what’s the point of going out for coffee? You wanna have coffee? Come to my office I shall offer you. You wanna socialize, ok, get your wife along, I will get my husband.

Working women have their set of friends that they are comfortable with. We may not really be interested and seeing you guys after the interaction we have because of work. Honestly. And sex with you hasn’t even crossed our mind. So lay off.

I work with an MNC and I have typically seen this attitude in Indian men, who will keep trying till they become a nuisance for you. When men from other cultures (mainly western) realize you are not interested (or are married), they lay off.

Just because a woman gets out of the house, wears a business suit and looks confident does not mean she is available. Single, married or involved, women have their choices and preferences about men they want to do business with, date, talk to or make friends. All the mentioned categories are independent of each other. Just cause a woman attends conferences and speaks with you cordially and reciprocates pleasantries doesn’t mean she will sleep with you. Simple.

These are points of view. Yours are welcome for discussion.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Khap Panchayats - Do we really need them?

One blog that I read instigated this thought. And hence this blog where I will write things beyond creativity. Will talk of practicalities affecting us. 

The latest being the many incidences of so called - 'Honour Killings'. What are these and do we need a group of mentally demented people killing our families for the matter of honour? When will this stop?

I have one comment on the same Gotra marriages - Not marrying in the same Gotra was logical when the population was meager (I may be referring to 2000 years ago). Same Gotra man and woman may have similar genetic programming cause they may be related. As we all know that similar DNA programming of partners may result in 'not so genetically perfect' children. Now, with the population ever so increasing and so many permutations and combinations in families these calculations are obsolete.

Point to note here is that by 'adopting' a girl/guy to make the marriage possible does not really change the genetic programming of the individual. The basis of same Gotra marriage not being allowed IS infact the genetic make-up. So this so called 'upaya' is a farce for the so-called society/community that we live in.

We are in a world where we are talking about touring the Universe and achieving unbelievable scientific feats, does believing in such calculations which might have been logical 2000 years ago make sense now? What about the educated and politically influential people supporting such Khap Panchayats? Isn't there a way where we can drill sense into these people? I am a young woman who was blessed to be born in an urban family with modern thinking parents. But I have educated friends who still believe in these so called values. Is it because this is what is taught to them since they come to there senses. Will Indians ever grow out of their inability to adopt to changing times. Will Indians ever be more acceptable towards new ideas and broader sense of being.

Our culture and vedas are great and going through them makes sense. But shouldnt we use our brains to realize what may/may not hold true in todays times? Food for thought... Think about it.