Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Khap Panchayats - Do we really need them?

One blog that I read instigated this thought. And hence this blog where I will write things beyond creativity. Will talk of practicalities affecting us. 

The latest being the many incidences of so called - 'Honour Killings'. What are these and do we need a group of mentally demented people killing our families for the matter of honour? When will this stop?

I have one comment on the same Gotra marriages - Not marrying in the same Gotra was logical when the population was meager (I may be referring to 2000 years ago). Same Gotra man and woman may have similar genetic programming cause they may be related. As we all know that similar DNA programming of partners may result in 'not so genetically perfect' children. Now, with the population ever so increasing and so many permutations and combinations in families these calculations are obsolete.

Point to note here is that by 'adopting' a girl/guy to make the marriage possible does not really change the genetic programming of the individual. The basis of same Gotra marriage not being allowed IS infact the genetic make-up. So this so called 'upaya' is a farce for the so-called society/community that we live in.

We are in a world where we are talking about touring the Universe and achieving unbelievable scientific feats, does believing in such calculations which might have been logical 2000 years ago make sense now? What about the educated and politically influential people supporting such Khap Panchayats? Isn't there a way where we can drill sense into these people? I am a young woman who was blessed to be born in an urban family with modern thinking parents. But I have educated friends who still believe in these so called values. Is it because this is what is taught to them since they come to there senses. Will Indians ever grow out of their inability to adopt to changing times. Will Indians ever be more acceptable towards new ideas and broader sense of being.

Our culture and vedas are great and going through them makes sense. But shouldnt we use our brains to realize what may/may not hold true in todays times? Food for thought... Think about it.


indigypsy said...

Couldn't agree with you more, but unfortunately, no there is no way to send your message across.

Media is one platform that can help the cause, but frankly, the Indian news channels are way too busy dramatizing the news to really do their job right.

And hats off woman... even by influencing a few around you, you've done your duty... the next step is how to spread the word! Unless you have friends who can help make short educational movies (which shouldn't be a problem) and get those broadcasted (that's where the challenge lies), you are back to square one.

To be frank, I din't even know what is or who are Khap Panchayats... there's one achievement, you've just educated one more :)

Nishant said...
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Nishant said...

Honestly, calling it honour killing defeats the purpose. Why purportrate it as an honourable thing to do in the first place?

Yes showing it in the media is good to spread awareness but how you stop it from happening is something that ain't discussed anywhere.

Changing the mindset of any set of people is difficult proposition be it Indians or Americans but sadly, steps are not taken to educate people of such evils. I agree with you that even educated folks follow such traditions so education per say, is out of question here.

Srushti Rao said...

@Indigypsy Agree that steps should be taken to create awareness. Making films is a good idea as that medium is widely accepted. Point is who will take the initiative?

@Nishant Yes, educated people follow these traditions blindly, but are they really educated? Or they are just literate and education is something that should be given to them.

Who and how are my questions. Politicians will not and cant cause they have their ulterior motives. How much can one trust NGOs also.

Half my family calls me an atheist cause I try to educate them and raise the point of logic. I am not welcome at Poojas cause I am a rebel as per them. I aint an atheist, I have my god. But yes, I will and have been raising a point against silly Hindu traditions.

Are we as a younger generation ready to take this step. Start in our homes? Argue with our parents, uncles, aunts et al?

rohan said...

Hi Shruti,

Finnaly I found ur BLOG, how nice to see it firstly! I must admit amongst ,so much conversations i have had with you, u have so much talent :)

regarding the topic of blog, As we are born inbetween values and eras, we indians will always make way for change but only if it is beneficial to us. If one can accept that change is inevitable, life is easier, and much acceptable.

olden values are almost like engraving in genes, they take time to fade or sometimes they never fade....

But yes using BRAINS is always important!!!!!!

as they say "Common sense is not so common!"