Monday, May 17, 2010

Naxals: What do they ‘really’ want?

Yesterday I was watching an interview of my favourite star on one of the news channels, when suddenly the presenter interrupted and said that some important news is coming in and we will have to suspend this show… The news was – another attack in Dantewada by Naxals… further by night news came in reporting the number of causalities and the innocent women and children who were killed in the attack. Sad!

Where is India heading? We have outsiders invading us and igniting fights and rifts between two religious communities. We have our very own politically strong ‘leaders’ selling communal peace for money. We already have so much wrong going in for us in our country…

As a layman what I know about Naxals – Men and women from under-developed areas of India – essentially tribal – fighting for a right to earn, to be educated, to be developed – basically their human rights. What they are fighting for – understood. How they are fight for it – beyond comprehension.

Do they understand that what they are doing is killing their own people – whom they claim to be fighting for. They aren’t any better than the militants that are infiltrating our borders and spreading violence in the country. These are their very own people. Don’t they get the point? Will killing the security forces or innocent civilians bring them justice? They say they are fighting for their human rights. Human? Rights? Do they know what these words mean? How many human’s rights have they violated? Do they have the right to have these rights also? Nope I don’t think so.

Somehow the purpose for which they are fighting seems to have been lost. I believe with peace and little patience these basic amenities can be worked out. And what I believe is you can’t just sit around and expect some one else to feed you. What have they done to develop themselves? Are they taking initiatives of educating themselves/their children? Are they going around hunting for jobs? India has come a long way since the 1960s when the first of the Naxal groups were formed. I am sure India has many more initiatives to educate and provide means of earning for these areas. But the Naxals just seemed to have spread and grown since then. What is the difference between them and the Daakus that we had back then? What is the difference between them and the terrorists that are terrorizing the country? They beg not be categorized with either of these. But I don’t see any difference. No, really.

Ever wondered who supplied them with Arms and Ammo? China might be having a laugh at India’s expense knowing how porous our country is. Knowing how easily not one but two neighbours can screw us left right and center. And I mean it literally.

I don’t know what I can do as a citizen to control this situation. But 10 years from now will the urban cities that we are living in be safe enough as well? Will I wonder when I leave home for work every day, whether I will return alive or not. Is it only the government’s responsibility or we as citizens can do something about it? I don’t know, but I am willing to contribute to peace in whatever manner I can.

Let peace prevail. Please stop this carnage.


Nishant Singh said...

When you fight a war for too long, you seem to forget the real reason why you fight. Jihadis too had a very good reason to take to arms but their deeds have gone beyond comprehension and are no longer following the path they took. Naxals are indeed no different and the government isn't doing much to stop them. We all know how their 'talks' have gone with Pakistan and why should it be any different?
Sometimes, educating a threat about what they are doing is wrong is beyond their capacity and the only language they understand is that of force. I do not like to say this but talking hasn't got us anywhere but only gotten more people killed. We might as well hand ourselves to them (come to think of it, hand over the corrupt politicians - ek teer se do shikar!) because it is time stern action is taken against the naxals. They are terrorists and terrorists only understand one language.

Nabeel Noorullah said...

Nice article. Maoist/Naxal ideology is of working towards Equal wealth to all. Which had been failed in there own heartland of USSR & China (Pre 90's). The Division of rich & Poor are more in those countries rather than In India. One Sad thing is govt is still clueless of naxal menace. There isn't force which is capable of gorilla tactics in Indian Army. Govt should should start off with Air surveillance in these regions & build a dedicated force. Should also try getting some informers between.

Srushti Rao said...

@Nishant and @Nabeel Agree with both of U. All we r left with now if fighting them... I guess they have forgotten the language of peace themselves... But wont this only lead to more bloodshed? And I wonder how they justify this to their families?

prathamesh said...

there's no questioning to the say that naxalites are doing it wrong in killing the locals.
Violence is never the answer...NEVER.
But as u mentioned that it started in 60's and still it's existing...means we- the government had been ignoring there voices till now. Had we been acting in time..we could have reached a stage of having solved it.
And now comes the Q-- why naxals are opting for killing isn't there some other way talks, special development programs, Uposhan !
But at the end our inactivity for such a long time seems to have taken toll of their patience!