Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why I dont wear the same clothes everyday yet make it simple!

Ok so some of the most successful entrepreneurs/leaders wear the same clothes everyday. That is for two main reasons: One - cutting down on the time taken to decide what to wear and Two - creating a brand identity. I agree with both points and wish I wasn't conscious about clothes and shoes. (Not very 'fashion conscious' because I believe is wearing what is relevant and comfortable to what I do) Wearing the same clothes/style everyday for me would be pure blasphemy.

Women (and some men) would concur with me when I say it is a time taking and brain wracking decision to pick out what we have to wear everyday. So I have devised some simple rules to make the decision faster. Since I work in two distinct line of professions, I have style coded my clothes... For my business meets its formal wear (Western/Indian) and for art related events/meets its arty/boho chic (Western/Indian). For non work related days... its a jeans or shorts and a tee. Simple. 

Further I have colour coded my days of the week, this reduces the choices I have and makes it easier to pick something to wear. How I arrived on the colours? My mom told me. Its also part of some ancient Hindu scripture and each colour has vibrations with each day that denotes a planet. Works as a great colour therapy as well.
  1. Mondays - White/cream
  2. Tuesdays - Red/Pink/Orange/magenta (That family and variations)
  3. Wednesdays - Green 
  4. Thursdays - Yellow/Lemon
  5. Fridays - Blue (works wonderfully as casual Friday and blue denims)
  6. Saturday - Black
  7. Sunday - Whatever you want to wear man!!
For the footwear - if I have to walk a lot on that day, its flats and if the walking is lesser then heels. 

(Disclaimer - I am no Fashion editor or stylist, just a style conscious working mother who doesn't have much time to select what to wear in the morning!)

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