Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year Resolutions and much more...

Happy New Year to everyone! This blog was originally supposed to be called 'Year End Musings' and was to be published on 31st of December, however, couldn't even start typing it on it. Since I am writing this three days later, its the 'New Year Resolutions and much more'.

Resolution for this year aren't very different from last years, and I intend to follow through with them, unless the world comes to an end (which looks likely the way we are progressing). Career wise - its more company centric - turnover, expansion, new projects etc. Personally - Work life balance, to paint and write more, health and fitness, happiness, more travel is what I look for this year (Other micro stuff i did rather not mention). 2014 was an interesting year, managed to do stuff I hadn't thought I would, started something I thought I never could. Checked off a couple things off my bucket list, one of which is paragliding (what a wonderful experience) and the other is Shhh! from the secret bucket list ;).

One thing that I have noticed over time is how we all like to believe that we have evolved as a community/country, I believe we are still there. I am meaning to point at the very basic nature of being judgmental, I do that too sometimes. However, I try to, very consciously, not judge. We still judge, typecast, comment and basically dissect an individual and/or their act.

We keep thrashing the mindset of the older generation about how they judge us, how they judge what we do and what we say. But are we any different? Have we really progressed in our thoughts? Arent we still the same, maybe our playing field has changed. But we still stand there pointing fingers at anything that seems slightly any different from normal. I mention this as I read about the unfortunate suicide of a teen struggling with her identity, that of being a transgender. We judge people not only basis their sexual preference, we judge people on something as menial as taking an ice bucket challenge - 'She/he took the ice-bucket challenge, she/he is an attention whore.' We judge people on a whole plethora of stuff including religious beliefs.

As I always say, being modern isn't about wearing modern clothes or traveling the world, its about being more tolerant and open to people who are different from you. Who choose to do different things, express themselves differently. Modernization will truly happen when we open our arms and accept our differences, as people, as choices, as communities. The idea isn't to agree with someone or something, it is to accept to disagree and yet live in harmony. Well, the whole point of bringing this up in a post of New Year resolution, is to try and be less judgmental. Resolve to be tolerant. Resolve to be accepting.

Hoping for a brilliant year!! Wishing you all the best.

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