Friday, April 19, 2013

How safe are we?

A friend pointed out that we should not blame the law enforcement and the law makers for not doing their jobs. However I feel that they have failed miserably, and are to be blamed for the sorry state of safety for citizens. The whole objective here is to instill fear in perpetrators, so that they think a thousand times before harming anyone. The fact that there is no fear of punishment, crimes are being done fearlessly! 

Our police force hasn't been sensitized towards sexual crimes; sexual crimes against children or women or men for that matter. They just don't know how to handle the victims or the families. The latest case is a live example of how casually such matters are handled and how they would rather push it under the carpet with no public attention to such a case. There is no SOP for tackling rape victims and even if there is one, it is not enforced within the police force. The wounds that such a crime inflicts on the victims are only deepened by the same people who are supposed to protect us. 

Ofourse one's safety is in one's hand yet, what is the police force for? How do we make sure our children are safe, they cant take care of themselves. How do criminals understand that they just cant go around harming children. There is no separate law in the country against pedophiles. They should be butchered, stoned, hanged. There just isnt any forgiveness for violating children. Its a sickness of mind, which can only be treated with stopping such a mind from existing.
I am constantly on guard for my kid. I am scared as a parent. He goes to school, I am scared every moment when he isn't with me. I don't trust anyone with him. But that shouldn't be the case right. We should be able to enjoy our children's childhood. We should feel protected. We should feel safe.  

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Dreamtripz said...

How come our police be sensitized towards something they themselves propogate? Just a thought...we the people are to blame dont you think? We elect criminals as our leaders, turn a blind eye unless we are somehow directly affected and then we are horrified that the very people we elected to protect our rights dont give a shit! I'm guilty of this attitude myself and honestly to a great extend even ashamed!