Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ego Trip!

Its amazing isn't it, that people with low or no credibility go on the longest and most expensive ego trips. I have had such several incidents around me recently where such individuals have amazed me, actually beyond amazed me. The recent one takes the cake.

So there is this gentlemen who has close to no knowledge of the subject in question and like one of those baffling unexplainable occurrences of the universe, has a rather commanding position without supervision. This individual goes on ego trips on an hourly basis, wanting people to 'recognize' his 'position'. Dude! If you are really worth the position or authority you command, you dont need to throw yourself around. Your knowledge, authority will command itself. But then, when you dont have it, you have to force people to think you do. And what best way to do it rather than go on a long and expensive ego trip.

Like they say in a Hindi Proverb 'Adh jal gagri chalkat jaye' literally meaning 'a half filled pot of water, splashes and spills the most'. Enough said!

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