Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I watched this movie 'Idiocracy' a 2006 Hollywood movie some days ago. The movie is stupid. Literally. But that's what its meant to be. From a movie stand-point not very interesting, and no surprise if it bombed at the box office. However, the movie stirred some thoughts in my mind.

I am a strong believer in genetics. We know for a fact that certain traits, talents, personality types, phobias, manias, intelligence and stupidity are all carried in the genes, from parents to children. The movie takes this basic fact and builds the story from there. What they show in the movie, the seed of which is starting in the US, in five centuries the whole of US will be dominated by stupid people and intelligence will be long gone. India is well on its way to this prediction. 

Couples in higher income groups, with higher education, better jobs, higher IQ are not having children. They either don't want any children or are delaying it to the point where nature may not support them anymore. On the other hand, couples in the lower income groups, when I say lower income here, I am referring to below poverty line, are having children till their women can bear them. 

The ratio of children with higher IQ is seriously dwindling as compared to lower IQ children. For a society, or country to run efficiently there has to be a balance of individuals, with whatever special skill sets they can offer. Even if everyone becomes a scholar then who would do the hard labour, or if no one is a scholar then who would lead/guide/manage/organize the labour.

Just imagine, for each couple who can provide better education, better medical facilities, better lifestyle to their children who are not having kids: there are many couples who are having 4 kids each on an average. I believe if things continue the way they are, in another few decades the ratio of intelligent people in India versus the lower IQ will seriously dwindle. 

Infact to think from another point of view, the situation in India doesn't purely depend on the genetics issue (though its a major influence), it is also influenced by the lack of administration in terms of providing education opportunities and awareness to the public with limited means.  Or maybe its a concoction of low IQ genes with lack of opportunities or will.

It scares me to think that people with low or no education will largely outnumber those with higher intelligence and proper education. And not to forget the issue of 'brain drain' that India faces. 

Adding that to the situation of the quality of population that is increasing, I wonder where our country will head in the future. 

Note: I do not support the Indian caste system, neither does this blog refer to India's caste system in any way. This is a note purely on what I feel about genetics and how it will influence the ratio of India's growing population. Although the ancient Indian system of caste was largely based on genetics, I strongly believe it does not apply anymore. My thoughts on that are reserved for another time.

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