Thursday, August 8, 2013

India and all that goes!

Its been a while that i wanted to blog about this brilliant country I live in. India. However, a discussion on the school friends whatsapp group really pushed me to writing it.

I am not unhappy personally. I love this country. I love that I come from a rich culture and strong heritage. I love the fact that my family and friends are here. I guess I wouldn't like to live in any other country apart from India. The sheer diversity and easy-going pace of the country attracts me and keeps me glued to it. Also, coming from a fauji background the inherent patriotism is another reason.

Having said all of the above, I have serious concerns about the country. My unhappiness, or dissatisfaction stems when I open my eyes and look beyond home. I have complaints as a citizen. The infrastructure sucks. its bad. Really really bad. Monsoons is a nightmare in Mumbai. There are potholes everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Even on the so-called newly constructed roads. There is lack of emergency services. After an accident u will die bleeding on the road but no one will come to your rescue. The authorities will argue and bicker about jurisdiction. Even of u get an ambulance, the sheer lack of civic sense and laws will make sure it wont reach the hospital on time. And we have all seen numerable incidents to corroborate these statements. I dont need to tell you how ambulances are treated on road in India.

Talking of Civic sense. I am ashamed of Indians in general. They liter. They spit. They break traffic rules. They are basically ill-mannered. Then again you would think, y should one blame the govt for this. Because of lack of education. Literacy is one thing. Education is another. We lack both of these in our country. We need better schools, better teachers, better curriculum, stricter adherence to schedules etc etc. We need responsible representatives that dont kill children with mid-day meals.

We need Population control. For my reasons and concerns regarding this, pls read the previous blog:

Poverty is a concern yes. I can not say much about the rural sector, but in urban space it is more lack of will to rise than lack of opportunities. Having worked partially with NGOs as a volunteer I know how things move around. I realize I am not supposed to feel guilty to be privileged (thats what the 'well to do' are, right?). Infact, its our taxes that pay for a lot of these people. Not sure if that money is used correctly. There are more NGOs that are doing good work than, any govt. run/affiliated organization in the field of up-liftment of under-priviledged.

If you point at me saying what have I done as a citizen to bring forth change? Here's my list - I pay taxes, I don't litter, I don't riot, I use all govt provided (whatever minimal) amenities with care, I do community service, I am not party to Brain Drain. I don't have time to do much more cause the life here doesn't allow any more time.

Today what I am or what I have made is purely by sheer hard work. There is no govt. supported  infrastructure or financial framework that helped me. I bust my ass everyday to make things work around. All I ask from the govt is better roads, 24hrs water, Safety & Security and better medical/emergency services. Rest we will manage. We have been managing for donkeys years.

But Alas! That's not to be. Everyday new scams, new controversies, debates on voting points. The citizen of the country gets lost in between all of this somewhere.

I have hope, still have hope, that maybe, just maybe, things may get better.

PS. My personal happiness quotient is very high, cause that does not include any govt provided things. It includes family and personal well being which is in optimum condition. (Again! all private players not govt. support there ;))

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