Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Kidding!

This article about the trend where couples choose to remain childless for various reasons, triggered this post. You can refer to the article here:Why Indian Couples are not Having Kids

I have a few friends who have chosen to be child-less, mostly for not wanting to take the responsibility that comes with bringing up a child. I dont judge them. If they think they are not ready for a child then they should not go for it.

Here's my story. I got married very early. One thing I was very sure of was not to have a child immediately. But I did want a family eventually. I always hoped that I was in the family way before I hit the 30 mark, and the 'un'planning made sure of it.

Parenting isn't a joke. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to raise a child. If you think you need an active social life and need vacations and want to buy all those glossy stuff in the market, and you are not ready to give up any of the above, then my friend, you are not a parent material. There are times when the kids just drive you up the wall and you wonder why do people have progeny at all. But believe me, its worth it.

When you are vacationing in those snowy peaks, I am here changing diapers. When you are gyrating to the latest house number in the most hip-bar in town, I would be mostly cleaning sticky puke. And when you are ordering pizza after a hectic day at work, I am making garam garam phulkas and green veggies. I would happily give up all that you do to be with my child. Because that's how I think. One smile from him is worth giving up all of that. Its worth getting restricted to 'house parties' when you know the little one will doze off on your lap while you are discussing Indian Politics. Really, its worth it. You want to give the best and all that you can to your little one.

I lived the 20s the way I did. I have partied, watched movies, traveled to my hearts delight. Now is the time to make sure the kiddo gets the education he deserves, to make sure he is eating right and sleeping well. I have always wanted a family, and now that its there, my wish is fulfilled. I would gladly take the plunge and have a second one if I could afford to (time, attention and money).

Having said all of the above, and despite being a dotting parent, its essential that you balance your individual personality with that of being a parent. Because a happy parent, bring up a happy child and raises a happy individual. Also, being a parent needs a lot of commitment, take the plunge only if you know you can do it.

P.S. I used to role my eyes whenever a mother would say the sacrifices are worth it when the child smiles. If you are rolling your eyes right now, I will understand. I have been there.

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